Corporate Sessions

Corporate Sessions

Why invest in workplace health?

The workplace is an important part of many Western Australian lives given that on average employees spend about one third of their waking hours at work! However, today’s work environment is contributing to inactive lifestyles, stress and alarmingly high rates of preventable disease.

What can employers do?

Investing in workplace health and physical activity programs is part of the solution. Research has shown that these types of programs will help your employees and your organization. Implementing a comprehensive workplace health and physical activity program can lead to happier, healthier and more productive staff!

Benefits of a successful program:

Benefits to Organisations Benefits to Employees
Improved Reduced Improved Reduced
✔ Productivity ✔ Staff turnover ✔ Physical health ✔ Stress levels
✔ Staff morale ✔ Workplace injuries and compensation claims ✔ Mental health ✔ Risk of lifestyle diseases including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers
✔ Organisational and recruitment image ✔ Absenteeism ✔ Quality of life
✔ Employer/Employee relationships ✔ Job satisfaction
✔ Staff working relationships ✔ Energy levels


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