Club & Team Training

Looking to give your team the edge over your competition? Does your team need a wake-up call?

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At Military Fitness Australia we specialise in giving teams a competitive edge over any opposition through:

  • Breaking physical and mental barriers, showing each individual and team what they are actually capable of. This raises the bar and will expose a new level of performance for your team.
  • Team building exercises. Team building sessions designed specifically to show the importance of working together as a team.
  • Kick starting pre-season training. Physical training and/or testing to get your team back into gear for the new season.
  • Fun team events, helping your team bond together through fun and challenging events.


Our Military Trained Personnel understand more than anyone the importance of team work. Through tried and tested challenges, they know exactly what is required to make any group of individuals come together and work as a fully functional team. Each session can be specifically tailored to your team’s needs, we cater for:

  • BTeams of up to 50..
  • 1-24hr sessions..
  • We can come to you; each session can be conducted on your team’s grounds.
  • Programs can be developed for a single session to a full season.
  • Speciality sessions, such as overnight outdoor sessions, or solely physical, metal, or teamwork (standard sessions will improve all 3 aspects).


CONTACT US TODAY and we will tailor a package perfect for your team!