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Military Fitness Trainer

Why Military Fitness Australia?

I was working for the largest outdoor fitness company in the UK as an instructor and managing their flagship venue, so when I moved back to Australia I wanted to find a similar company that had the same professionalism, military attitude and fun, social atmosphere, MFA was the logical choice. I love the variety of training that is possible with predominantly bodyweight work, utilising the different features available in each area of the parks and beaches, as well as the strong focus on partner and team work.

Why Coaching?

While in the Army I started training in Thai Boxing, and through that started to explore other training styles as well, eventually deciding to leave the Army to pursue a career in fitness.
I don’t think many other jobs can offer the satisfaction of seeing clients achieve their results from mastering the basic kettlebell swings to completing a marathon in their personal best time, or an 85 year old regaining lost mobility and reclaiming quality of life.
It also gives me a captive audience to test out my stand-up routine, you have to pretend I’m funny when I control the burpees.

3 words to describe yourself

Wanderlust, Imaginative, driven

Top Coaching Tip

Some days you destroy the workout, other days it will destroy you, the key is to keep moving forward. (And laugh at my lame jokes..)

Qualifications / Certifications / Education

  • Cert IV in Fitness
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Olympic weightlifting for fitness instructor
  • Barefoot (natural) running technique instructor
  • Fundamentals of Human Movement
  • Group Boxing and Kickboxing instructor
  • Senior First Aid

Favourite Work out style

It must be my Paratrooper background, but for some reason I love combining heavy weighted carries/pushes with all out sprints or other short bursts of high intensity cardio such as boxing strikes.